Virtuosity Training

Welcome to Virtuosity Training! Here you will find a passion for enhancing overall fitness and health and increasing confidence ... in YOU! In practice, you will be challenged by fitness activities and workouts provided by the coach. As a result, you will discover feeling better physically. That part will be most obvious. What you will also uncover under the surface is a positive change in your mental state. The improvements you will find in the gym will transfer to everyday life at home, at work, and whatever else may come your way.

It is doing the common thing uncommonly well that will enhance your life!

Meet Coach Jenn!

Pursuing general fitness as an athlete or as a coach wasn't always a part of my life or a part of my plan. But, I had unique experiences along the way. 

I participated in competitive roller skating and figure skating for most of my childhood up until I graduated high school. Not only did I participate, but I won many awards and accolades, including in national championships. Those two things will always be my first love when it comes to sports. Recreationally, I participated in other sports as well, so I always felt like a well-rounded athlete.

When college came around, my academics became my main focus, and I stopped participating in most things with the exception of the occasional side game of Ultimate Frisbee or Volleyball. Shortly after college, I got married and started a family. I found a love for running after my husband encouraged me to join him. It seemed as though I had a knack for it, winning races almost as soon as I started. That became my thing... and then my husband looked for something new and found CrossFit. When he explained to me after taking a beginner class, how the instructor took him through a 10-minute workout at the end, I told him, "I think you just got duped," and thought, "How can anyone get a good workout in 10 minutes?" Oh boy, did I not understand! Once I started taking classes with him, my eyes were opened. I was humbled and fascinated, and my love for increasing general fitness has only grown since.

It's my mission to help build strong foundations of health and increase overall fitness with each of my clients. I would love to be with you on this journey!