Virtuosity One-On-One

All you have to do it walk through the door! Once you do, you will be greeted with a friendly face and positive energy from Coach Jenn. Within an hour, she will take you through a workout she programmed to help you achieve your goals. By meeting her in person, you have accountability built into the system for success! Virtuosity One-On-One also includes a nutrition program that will have you feeling fueled for working as hard as you do in life! 

Virtuosity Remote

If you like some of the personal touch, but have a preference for training on your own, then signing up for Virtuosity Remote is right up your alley. You will receive Coach Jenn's trademark programming for 3-5 workouts a week, accountability check-ins, accessible communication to ask questions, nutrition coaching, PLUS one scheduled in-person or virtual meeting per month to ensure progress (and to see her friendly face)!

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