Workout of the Week

Week of 5/27/2024

Five 4-Minute Intervals - Each interval consists of one round of…

10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 air squats

Equipment needed: pull-up bar (or gymnastic rings for modifying)

The purpose of a set interval is to go hard within a time frame. Rest is determined in this case by how fast you complete the movements. The faster you get it done, the more rest you get. You need to shoot for completing the round in no more than 3 minutes and having at least one minute of rest.

Modify pull-ups with ring rows or seated pull-ups (if you can set a horizontal bar lower to the ground in order to sit on the floor.) Scale push-ups by putting your hands on a sturdy box, bench or chair, even the wall. Use a raised target from the floor to "sit" on to modify the range of motion on the air squats. Scroll the Featured Movements page to learn more about each exercise.

Week of 5/20/2024

BENCHMARK: 500 meter row for time

Equipment needed: row machine

"Benchmark" means a test. Use this as an opportunity to push to the limit and see how quickly you can get this done. Record your time, and you will use your score as a resource for the next time you attempt this (usually 3-6 months later).

For a strategy, don't go full out hot! Row to a fast and maintainable pace. About 250 meters in at that pace, you may feel very fatigued and wonder if you can keep going that quickly any longer. At this point, it's a mental game. Hold on to your pace. Focus on your form. Once you hit 400 meters, push it even harder to finish strong!

Learn more about rowing here. This benchmark has a typical range to be completed between 2 and 3 minutes. If you finish a little faster, great! If you finish a little beyond that range, great! Just do your best, and see what you get!

Week of 5/13/2024

5 Rounds of...

20 alternating kettlebell snatch

20 box jumps

Equipment needed: kettlebell (moderately heavy load) and box (wood or padded)

This workout's stimulus is to move fast. With a moderately heavy kettlebell, aim to take as little rest as possible in between reps. The core will fatigue, so make sure your stomach is braced before lifting the kettlebell. Choose a box height that allows for continuous, quick movement.

Learn more about the kettlebell snatch and box jump here. There is a lot of volume in totality between both of the movements. If you feel completing that amount of reps is too much for you, modify to 3-4 rounds or 12-16 reps each round.

Week of 5/6/2024

3 Rounds of...

5 rope pulls and 10 cal bike

Directly into 3 Rounds of...

15 ABMAT sit-ups and 20 dumbbell deadlifts

Equipment needed: thick rope hanging from a ceiling, stationary bike, ABMAT, and a pair of dumbbells (moderately heavy load)

Approach this workout with the mindset to push the pace and minimal rest in between reps/sets and transitions to movements. Target between a 12 and 17 minute finish with a 20 minute time cap.

Modify the rope pulls with 15 ring rows or seated pull-ups. Choose a moderately heavy weight for the dumbbell deadlifts and make it a goal to work big sets. You can use kettlebells instead of dumbbells as well.

Week of 4/29/2024

10 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

Even Minute: 40 second row to accumulate calories (20 second rest)

Odd Minute: 40 second dumbbell thrusters (20 second rest)

Approach this workout with consistency. For the first two minutes, work at a moderate pace. Make note of the calories and reps you achieved. For each next interval, push hard to again achieve the same amount or slightly more. The last two minutes, you should have enough gas in the tank to push even harder to get your best score.

Choose a moderate weight for the thrusters to work big sets and almost continuous movement for the full 40 seconds (since you have 20 seconds of rest in the minute).

Week of 4/22/2024

3 Round for Time...

400 meter run

21 kettlebell swings

12 pull-ups

To perform this to test your fitness, you will have to go into it with the intension to suffer. It takes a flip of the switch in the brain. Go hard from the get-go, and push to go hard all three rounds. Modify the run to 500 meter row, 20 calories on the bike, or by reducing the run distance by half. Choose a light to moderate load for the kettlebell swings to ensure doing either unbroken or big sets. Scale pull-ups to ring rows or seated pull-ups.

Once complete, mark your time. That will be a reference point for the next time you decide to test yourself (in a few months or so). Try to perform at the same standards with the same movements. For example, if you used the row machine the first time, use it again to see where you fair. You will find as your fitness grows, the movements (and the workout) become faster, the loads capable to move become bigger, or the skill level progresses higher.

Week of 4/15/2024

Complete for time… (25 Minute Time Cap)

200 meter kettlebell farmer’s carry, 40 KB sumo deadlift high pull

200 meter KB farmer’s carry, 40 alternating DB snatch

200 meter KB farmer’s carry, 40 KB sumo deadlift high pull

200 meter KB farmer’s carry

Choose a moderately heavy load for the farmer's carry, one that will not require you to drop or put down the kettlebell often. (I chose a load that was too heavy.) Use the same kettlebell for the sumo deadlift high pulls. Choose a load for the alternating dumbbell snatch moderately heavy that allows for bigger sets. Transition from one movement to the next fairly quickly. 

Week of 4/8/2024

12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible)

10 calorie row

15 push-ups

20 ring rows

25 double unders

Find a maintainable, fairly quick pace performing these movements in order while also transitioning from one to the next fairly fast. You should have enough gas in the tank to push the pace harder for the last 2-3 minutes.

Modify the row by using a different machine or running 200 meters. Scale the push-ups to a box or sturdy chair or bench, still keeping the full plank position (as opposed to going to the knees on the floor.) If you do not have a set of rings, perform 20 plank rows with dumbbells or 10 strict pull-ups. Modify the double unders with 50 singles or 50 line hops.

Week of 4/1/2024

20 - 18 - 16 - 14 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 reps of... (30 minute time cap)

calories on stationary bike

kettlebell swings (moderate weight)

bench dips

This is a workout with a longer time frame (30 minute time cap). The target is to finish within 20-25 minutes. Perform 20 calories on the bike, 20 kettlebell swings, then 20 bench dips. Next, do 18 of each movement. Then, 16 of each movement, etc.

The descending ladder rep scheme is helpful toward the end as you see the number of times you need to perform a movement going down, and that can help you pick up speed. Once again, don't go hot out of the gate! Use a moderate load for the kettlebell swings, a weight that you can keep moving in bigger sets. Break up the bench dips so as to not go to failure!

Week of 3/25/2024

5 Rounds for Time...

10 pull-ups

25 ball slams (moderate weight)

This needs to be performed FAST! Whatever pace is fast to you! That means, modifying to seated pull-ups or ring rows to finish the set of pull-ups quickly. Ensure the load for the ball slams is also appropriate for fast movement. Do not significantly increase speed by wrecking quality of movement and form. For example, you can move quickly through ring rows and still be able to keep your body tight (without "worming").

Week of 3/18/2024

Run/Walk 5K

You must be thinking, "Wait. Why should I go for a run and run that far?!?" Running is something our bodies were meant to do and training to do it well is a worthwhile pursuit. Positive physical adaptation and an increase in fitness requires training in different domains, including distance. While running a 5K distance is not repeated often for most functional fitness methods, it still certainly has its benefits (such as increasing cardio-respiratory endurance). Don't knock it until you've included it in your exercise regimen!

Due to the longer distance (for most), start out for the first mile at a slightly slower pace than you think you can sustain. During the second mile, settle into a faster (but still sustainable) pace. For the last mile, push a bit harder to finish strong!

Go to the Featured Movements page to review running.

Week of 3/11/2024

16 Minute TABATA - 4 Min for Each Movement - 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest

air squats


stationary forward lunges


This one is tough. Have a challenging but doable goal to complete a certain number of reps for each movement for each 20 second interval. For example, a goal may be completing 10 air squats each 20 seconds. It will be a mental game to keep up with your goal. To modify, choose a variation to complete 7-10 for each interval. Don't go hot out the gate, and try to stay consistent.

The first 4 minute TABATA, do squats. The next 4 minutes, do sit-ups. Then lunges. Then burpees.

Go to the Featured Movements page to review the all of the movements.

Week of 3/4/2024

For Time (with a 20 minute time cap)...

Buy-in: 20 calorie bike...

into 5 rounds of:

12 dumbbell cleans

9 dumbbell push press

6 dumbbell box step-overs...

then finally...

Buy-out: 20 calorie bike

Perform the buy-in first, then the 5 rounds of the DB cleans, DB push press, and DB box step-overs, and at the end, finish with another 20 calories on the bike. Choose a moderate load you can move fairly quickly. The weight will stay the same across all three weightlifting movements, and choosing the right weight will probably be dependent on either the push press or box step-overs. If you find yourself struggling to move swiftly with the load you are using, then reduce the load. Keep breaks short and transition between movements fairly fast as well. The target time range to finish is between 13 and 17 minutes.

Go to the Featured Movements page to review the all of the movements.

Week of 2/26/2024

20 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible)

20 total alternating plank rows (15 lb dumbbells)

30 ABMAT sit-ups

400 meter run

50 singles with jump rope

This workout is designed to be a bit longer than most to work closer to aerobic training. Moderate loads and bodyweight exercises allow for continuous movement and finding a pace. Due to its longer nature, do not go out the gate really fast! Find a way to work methodically and also somewhat quickly for the work time.

Upon testing this workout, I was able to get a little more than 4 rounds complete. Modify:

Go to the Featured Movements page to review the all of the movements.

Week of 2/19/2024

20 - 15 - 10 - 5 reps for time of... pull-ups and push-ups

With 400 meter run after each round

The amount of pull-ups and push-ups will go down in a descending ladder rep scheme. You can choose to do kipping pull-ups or perform strict pull-ups for more of a challenge (as long as you are proficient). Modify with ring rows or banded or jumping pull-ups. Perform push-ups on the floor if you can complete bigger sets. Otherwise, modify with a plank position at an angle by putting hands on a sturdy chair, step stool, or bench. Each run distance totals to one mile. Reduce distance if running 400 meters will take more than 3 minutes to complete.

The way to go through this one: Start with 20 pull-ups then 20 push-ups then 400 meter run. Next round, do 15 pull-ups then 15 push-ups then 400 meter run. Repeat for rounds of 10 and 5 reps.

Week of 2/12/2024

Death By… Every Minute on the Minute

For the first minute, start with 3 reps of goblet squats. Rest for the remainder of time.

Every minute, add 3 reps and rest for the remainder of time.

You are done once the minute laps you before you complete the set amount of reps.

At the beginning, this will feel easy to keep up with. All at once and very quickly, the amount of goblet squats required within the minute will seem daunting. And you won't want to keep going. But, keep going! Go as far as you can until the minute laps you! This is more of a mental grind than anything!

Week of 2/5/2024

Go through this list one time…

800 meter run, 80 double unders

600 meter run, 60 double unders

400 meter run, 40 double unders

200 meter run, 20 double unders

This should be a fun grind of monostructural movements to train cardiovascular capacity! Find a steady pace to start and maintain in order to go hard for the last round. To modify the run, you can perform a 1000, 750, 500, 250 meter row OR 45, 35, 25, 15 calorie bike. If you aren't proficient at double unders (yet 😉), scale to 120, 90, 60, 30 singles/line hops. For those that may not be comfortable with the volume of distance or calories, reduce it by half. 

Week of 1/29/2024

Three 3-Minute AMRAP Intervals

Perform as many rounds and reps as you can within 3 minutes.

4 dumbbell snatch

6 hand release push-ups

8 air squats

Rest for 3 minutes in between each interval!

Interval training is intended to be intense! We are going to get uncomfortable by choosing a close to heavy weight on the dumbbell snatch. Then, choose a variation of the hand release push-ups where you can keep the set of 6 quick and unbroken. Keep the quick pace (with excellent form, of course 😉) on the air squats. Modify by squatting to a target (chair, small wooden box, bench, or step stool). Perform as many rounds and reps as possible within 3 minutes, then rest for 3 minutes. Rinse and repeat for two more intervals.

Week of 1/22/2024

Using couplets this week, perform 3 rounds of… 

400 meter run

20 dumbbell cleans

Directly into 3 rounds of…

15 pull-ups

500 meter row

Couplets are wonderfully constructed workouts to train work capacity. Effective and efficient. With each round, the total amount of volume is significant for exercise within a brief time period. With that said, this is one of those workouts where the athlete does not want to go too hot out the gate in order to get through all the rounds and have energy to perform the movements well. The time frame to hit the intended stimulus is between 20 and 25 minutes, but give yourself a 30 minute time cap. Reduce the 400 meter run distance if it may take you longer than 3 minutes to complete. Choose a moderate weight for the dumbbell cleans (not heavy). Modify the pull-ups to ring rows or seated pull-ups. If a rower is not available, perform 200-400 meter runs or 15-20 calories on the bike.

Week of 1/15/2024

12 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible) - 

10 calorie bike

15 kettlebell swings

50 singles with the jump rope

This is designed to just GO! Don't go out the gate really fast (or at a sprint). Move quickly through all movements and through the transitions between them. Choose a kettlebell load that you could do all reps unbroken. Modify the singles with lateral line hops (or for more of a challenge, lateral hops over a dumbbell). Leave some energy in the tank to go at a faster pace for the last 2 minutes!

Week of 1/8/2024

10 minute "Climb the Ladder" - starting at 3 reps and adding 3 reps every round - going as high on the "ladder" as you can...

ring rows


jumping air squats


The rep scheme looks like this: 3 ring rows, 3 burpees, 3 jumping air squats, 3 V-ups, then 6 ring rows, 6 burpees, etc. Keep adding reps each round until the 10 minutes is up! The first couple of rounds may feel easy to get started, but then you will feel the volume build throughout the rest of the workout. Move at a quick pace and quickly transition from one movement to the next. Jumping air squats is exactly how it sounds: jump to get your feet off the floor after you come out of the bottom of your squat. You can modify by doing air squats without the jump. You will feel your core burning during the V-ups, and with proper modifying, you can perform a good amount within the short amount of time allotted to perform the workout.

Week of 1/1/2024

Five rounds for time...

8 dumbbell deadlifts

10 dumbbell strict press

12 dumbbell box step-overs

Move fairly quickly through the movements. As you go through them, you will train upper body strength with the strict press and lower body strength with the deadlift and box step-overs. Choose a moderate load that will challenge the strict press to be unbroken. You can modify the box step-overs by not using any weight or using a lower box height. On the last round, pick up the pace!

Week of 12/25/2023

Five 4-minute intervals...

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats

20 calorie row

The pull-up. The push-up. The air squat. The rowing machine. All of these movements are featured in this week’s workout and have been selected as spotlights in previous weeks. The goal is to create high intensity by moving fast (and well) one time through all the listed movements in order. In the remaining interval time, rest. When the next interval starts, repeat. On a 20-minute running clock, go at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, and 16:00. Scale the skill of each movement to ensure a fast, steady pace. (Scaling options are included on the Featured Movements page.) Reduce the calorie row only if completing 20 cal at the end will take more than 3 minutes. Ensure you get at least 1 minute of rest after performing at a fast pace all the movements.

Week of 12/18/2023

5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 reps of...

double dumbbell deadlifts


ring rows

Featuring the dumbbell deadlift, this workout is a top to bottom ascending ladder structure. Think of a Christmas tree. :) This has lower body pull, midline work, and upper body pull movements. As you work up the ladder, find a maintainable pace across the whole workout. It's tempting to go fast from the git-go. The dumbbell weight does not need to be heavy to be effective.

Week of 12/11/2023

21 - 15 - 9 reps of...

double dumbbell strict press

alternating stationary lunges

This is a repeat of a workout presented three months ago. Every now and then, it helps to do a workout again to compare performance times or load and see what improvements show an increase in fitness. That's why it's also important to record times and/or loads for the sake of comparison!

You will just need a set of dumbbells at a moderately heavy load, not extremely heavy or light. This workout is meant to be performed at a quick pace. Go hard (with quality movement) relative to the energy you can lend, not relative to someone else. 

Click here for directions on the double dumbbell strict press. For the stationary lunges, stand up with both feet under your hips. Step one foot out to bend that front leg and bend the back knee to the floor. Ideally, both legs should be at 90 degree angles at this point. To finish, press weight through your front heel to go back to standing position. Work hard to keep your shoulders above your hips (rather than in front of them). Then, switch legs stepping forward on the next rep. To scale, use a wall or pole for support or balance. If you cannot touch your back knee to the floor, bend your legs only as far as you can. Or you can step up on a step stool and stand up all the way at the top for full range of motion.

Week of 12/4/2023

400 m run, 21 cal row, 200 m run, 15 cal row, 100 m run, 9 cal row 

with 50 jump rope singles after each run and row

This was a fun one! As a completely monostructural workout, I enjoyed going from the run, to the jump rope, to the row, back to the jump rope, etc. Transition quickly through each of the movements, and push hard at the end! To modify, do two 400 m run, two 200 m runs, and two 100 m runs, and complete 50 singles (or line hops) after each run, if you do not have a rower.

Week of 11/27/2023

5 Rounds of...

10 pull-ups

15 heavy kettlebell swings

This workout is sneaky. This five round couplet looks simple, but it turns out to be quickly exhausting and grippy (think forearms on fire!) between hanging from the pull-up bar and holding onto the kettlebell. Attack this one with a consistent rep scheme for each round, breaking up into sets as needed. For example, I performed two sets of 5 pull-ups, one set of 9 and one set of 6 of kettlebell swings. The kettlebell weight should ideally feel heavy for you. Modify the pull-ups with any of these options: ring rows, jumping pull-ups, or banded pull-ups. Go get some!

Week of 11/20/2023

20 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Rounds 1-3: 5 calorie bike machine, 10 sumo deadlift high pull, 15 sit-ups

Rounds 4-6: 10 calorie bike, 15 SDHP, 20 sit-ups

Rounds 7 and Beyond: 15 calorie bike, 20 SDHP, 25 sit-ups

Reps increase (by 5) every 3 rounds for this workout to avoid a boring grind for the duration. The sumo deadlift high pull load should be a light to moderate kettlebell weight. I recommend using an ABMAT for the sit-ups. Push hard (but not a sprint!) on the bike. If you do not have a bike machine, modify with running and use the following as a gauge. Rounds 1-3: run for 30 seconds; Rounds 4-6: run for 1 minute; Rounds 7 and beyond: run for 90 seconds.

Week of 11/13/2023

For Time...

Buy-In: 100 singles with a jump rope directly into

21 - 15 - 9 reps of ring-rows and burpees

There is some coordination and balance monostructural work with the jump rope movement at the beginning. Stay relaxed and focus on performing bigger sets. Upon completion of that, work through the rest in the following manner: 21 ring rows, 21 burpees, 15 ring rows, 15 burpees, 9 ring rows, 9 burpees. Transition quickly between those two movements.

Week of 11/6/2023

10 Rounds For Time...

100 m run 

10 wall balls (with moderate weight med ball)

You can make this hurt as hard as you want! Even though there are several rounds, this workout is designed for fast work, giving you the best bang for your buck! Use a moderately heavy weight for the wall balls to encourage unbroken sets. Transition quickly between the two movements.

If a 100 m run is not measured, run a distance pretty hard for 20 seconds, then turn back around. To modify the run with the row machine, row a slightly-faster-than-conversational pace for 150 m.

Week of 10/30/2023

Death By EMOM

Starting at 3 box jumps the first minute, every minute on the minute after complete 3 more reps than the minute before until you cannot complete the required reps within the minute. (Minute 1: 3 reps, Minute 2: 6 reps, Minute 3: 9 reps, Minute 4: 12 reps, etc.)

This workout starts out slow then becomes very intense quickly. Starting at a few box jumps, there is a lot of rest in between, but then as the rep number gets higher, there is much less time to take a break. If you feel as though 3 additional reps per minute will add up too quickly to get several minutes of work done, then start at two and add two more every minute.

Week of 10/23/2023

Cardio Intervals

1000 meter row OR 800 meter run (rest 3 min)

750 meter row OR 600 meter run (rest 2 min)

500 meter row OR 400 meter run (rest 1 min)

250 meter row OR 200 meter run

With the designated rest in between each rowing or running distance, it allows for slightly more than a moderate rate of movement with each attempt. It's not smart to go too hard out the gate, however! When you feel tired, focus on proper (rowing) movement and breathing as fatigue can cause form to break down. 

Week of 10/16/2023

Work down a descending rep ladder...

20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 kettlebell swings

and 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 push-ups

With this rep scheme, start with 20 KB swings then go to 10 push-ups. Continue with 18 KB swings then 9 push-ups, 16 KB swings then 8 push-ups, etc. Use a moderate weight for the kettlebell swings. Modify push-ups by using a bench or bending at the knee. Working through this volume of reps will require patience. Use sets as a way to break up them up and take short amounts of rest in between. 

Week of 10/2/2023

20 Minutes of Continuous Movement

10 burpees

15 goblet squats

60 singles with jump rope

This is a workout where the athlete needs to find a sustainable pace to keep moving for an extended period of time. "Steady" is the pace I like to call it. 🙂 Go to the Featured Movements page to get to know the burpee and ways to modify. The goblet squat should be performed the same as an air squat while holding a dumbbell or kettlebell (light to moderate weight) close to the chest. You can modify the singles by finding a line on the floor (perhaps imaginary) and hopping over that line (side to side) for 60 reps. Hopefully, you go at such a pace that you have enough in the tank to crank up the speed a bit for the last 2-3 minutes!

Week of 9/25/2023

5 Rounds for Time...

200 m run

20 dumbbell snatch (35 lb dumbbell prescribed)

To learn the dumbbell snatch, go to the Featured Movements page. And you already know about running, right? 😉 Modify the weight for the dumbbell snatch to feel light to moderate, to minimize rest in between each rep or set you perform. The 200 m run may take around 1 minute to complete. You may reduce that volume if you feel it will take you much longer or run/jog for 1:00-1:30.

Whichever movement you are more confident in, push the pace a bit! Allow for active recovery during the other movement. If you feel confident with both, just make sure you don't go really hot out of the gate! Maintain a fast but maintainable pace. If you do not feel good about either, then just move forward with purpose to chip away one meter or one rep at a time. Spoiler Alert: the fourth round will feel the worst and will be the hardest mentally. So, just make sure you are prepared for that!

Week of 9/18/2023

10 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

Minutes 1-5: 10 sit-ups and air squats in remaining time

Minutes 6-10: 10 push-ups and air squats in remaining time

This workout requires mental toughness! It's important to hit the sit-ups or push-ups under under 25 seconds, transition quickly, and go hard on the air squats for rest of the minute. It's helpful to have a goal on the number of air squats you want to complete each minute for consistency. If you cannot complete 10 sit-ups or 10 push-ups under 25 seconds, then reduce the number of reps. For explanations on all of these movement, go the the Featured Movements page!

Week of 9/11/2023

30-45 min walk/jog/run

Go to the Featured Movements page to get some tips on running properly! Remember, a workout doesn't have to be complicated to be a part of an effective fitness plan. Long, not so long, and short workouts all included lend to using the different metabolic pathways (the body's energy systems) and broad adaptations to increase fitness. Enjoy the simplicity of what this workout is!

Week of 8/21/2023

Four 4-Min Intervals:

15 push-up

20 goblet squats

60 Singles with Jump Rope

Interval workouts are typically set up to encourage fast effort with a built-in rest. Within each interval, the push-ups, goblet squats, and jump rope movements should take about 2 minutes of hard work and then rest until the next time interval begins.

Modify the push-ups by finding a sturdy bench or chair to put your hands on instead of the floor. If that is not available, you can perform them with the knees bent on the floor. Scale the goblet squats by load to complete 20 reps in 30-45 seconds. Modify the jump rope singles with line hops. Reduce the volume if you cannot complete written reps within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Week of 8/14/2023

15 Minutes of Continuous Movement of...

200 m run or 10 cal stationary bike

15 ABMAT sit-ups

10 pull-ups

This workout is set-up to be more of a "pacer" workout. Don't go hard out of the gate! Move at a sustainable pace that will last for 11-13 minutes and will support moving faster for the last few minutes.

To guesstimate how far 200m is, run for 30 seconds in one direction and then turn around and come back to the starting point. (For many people, a 200 m run takes about 1 minute or so.)

Click here to find directions for the ABMAT sit-up.

For the pull-ups, if you do not have a pull-up bar, you can modify with bent-over dumbbell rows (move both arms at the same time) with a moderately heavy weight instead. Or you may have a set of gymnastics rings set up for ring rows, which is also an amazing alternative!

Week of 8/7/2023

21 - 15 - 9 reps of...

double dumbbell strict press

alternative stationary lunges

You will just need a set of dumbbells at a moderately heavy load, not extremely heavy or light. This workout is meant to be performed at a quick pace. Go hard (with quality movement) relative to the energy you can lend, not relative to someone else. 

Click here for directions on the double dumbbell strict press. For the stationary lunges, stand up with both feet under your hips. Step one foot out to bend that front leg and bend the back knee to the floor. Ideally, both legs should be at 90 degree angles at this point. To finish, press weight through your front heel to go back to standing position. Work hard to keep your shoulders above your hips (rather than in front of them). Then, switch legs stepping forward on the next rep. To scale, use a wall or pole for support or balance. If you cannot touch your back knee to the floor, bend your legs only as far as you can. Or you can step up on a step stool and stand up all the way at the top for full range of motion.

Week of 7/31/2023

4 rounds of…

400 meter run

40 air squats

For beginner athletes, modify the run with a shorter distance or 200 m walk if running impact will aggravate an injury. If performing the air squats below parallel is not in the cards for you yet, use a target (like a bench) for your glutes to touch. You can also scale by reducing the volume. The target is to get the workout done within 20 minutes. 🙂